Started by sisters Rebecca and Samantha Lanman, Shayne was conceived to fill a gap in fashion. Transitioning from luxury design to be a curve model in 2014, co-founder Rebecca quickly noticed a lack of crossover between high-fashion brands and the jobs available to curve models. She turned to Samantha to help bridge that gap. Together, the two created Shayne.

Based in New York City, Shayne is a size inclusive luxury clothing brand focused on catering to women’s diverse needs and lifestyles. Our focus on flexibility stems from a deep appreciation for individuality. In celebration of women and their differences, we’ve created each piece with an exceptional passion to eliminate the use of words like “straight-size,” “curvy,” or “plus-size,” because we believe our designs should empower rather than define those who wear them.

Shayne’s mission is about luxury, not labels. For a long time, the average woman has been overlooked by fashion brands; expecting her to adapt to outdated industry standards. By launching Shayne, we're adapting to her instead.