Man vs. Machine

Take a quick look at what you are wearing; did you know that every seam goes through someone’s hands?
If that’s surprising to you, you’re not alone.
Doing our research for Shayne we found a common misconception among consumers that their clothing is made completely by machines. Many people thought that the reason they could purchase more inexpensive and trendy clothing today vs. the past was because the sewing process is now automated.
While there have been many technological improvements in the production of clothing (innovation in fabrics and fabric cutting machines, to name a few), the sewing process is still labor intensive. Clothes are sewn by hand, with the help of a machine.
A major factor holding the sewing process back in the 19th century (the sewing machine was invented in the mid-1800’s) is the delicacy of fabric which makes it difficult to automate (unlike a car, for instance). While innovators are working to change it, we wanted to highlight the people who help us bring our clothing to life.
On every piece of Shayne clothing you will find a “sewn by” tag, with the signature of the sewer of your garment. By bringing the people behind each piece to the forefront, we hope to add transparency to what goes into creating our clothing at Shayne.
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Rebecca & Samantha

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