With heavy hearts, we have decided to close down Shayne.
As sisters, we've dreamt about starting our own fashion business since we were teenagers. However, we didn't want to simply start any fashion brand given the industry's toll on the environment. We wanted to build something where we could make a difference; be a positive part of what is often a problematic industry.  
Our moment of inspiration came to us when Rebecca switched from working as a designer at high-fashion brands to modeling in the curve division. The stark difference in these two areas of the same industry shed light on how severely lacking luxury fashion was for women above a size 10-12, and how dangerous the narrative of separating "straight" vs "plus" size women is. We started Shayne to bridge this gap.
Our goal was to create a fashion brand where women felt confident and included. We focused on ethics, fit, and creating pieces to last. We hoped over time to add more sizes and styles.
The support and excitement for the brand as we spread our story was inspiring and motivating despite the obstacles that came along with starting a business. We continued to grow and tried our best to adapt in an ever-changing market. In the end, the challenges began to outpace our growth, especially in 2020. As we assessed next steps, we decided it was time to shift our focus to other parts of our lives that have been on hold while we pursued Shayne.
We are proud of our role in bringing greater awareness to the need for size inclusivity in luxury fashion, grateful for the support from so many as we followed our ambitions, and humbled by the stories of women who felt seen in fashion through Shayne. The message of inclusivity in fashion certainly did not start with us, nor will it end with us, and we take comfort in knowing that.
With love,
Rebecca & Samantha