Our NYC Guide to Fueling Your Plant Addiction


It's not too bold to say that at Shayne we are a little obsessed with plants. Since shooting our debut collection in the NYC floral district it has become a mild infatuation. Luckily we have come to learn we are not alone. So to help foster the green thumb we all can't seem to tame, we have put together a list of our favorite NYC shops and experts that inspire us most! 


#1: Sprout Home

Williamsburg - Massive space offering beautiful cut flowers and plants. Sprout Home operates as both a florist and plant shop, with incredible ceramic options to house your green babies.


** Host many small classes and events


#2: The Sill 

UWS & LES Locations - The Sill has two small shops offering even tinier plants, with an entire tiny succulent section. Their motto is "plants make people happy". We agree. 

**Check out the plant of the month wall.


#3: Cafe Erzulie

Bushwick - Cafe Erzulie also included in our post on Summer Drinks in NYC is back due to the charming plant shop in the front. The entire space used to be a florist before the cafe moved in. 

**They sell cherry blossom branches in spring.


#4: Green Fingers

LES - Green Fingers is both a plant shop and design studio, with locations in NYC, Japan and Milan. The design studio specializes in creating green environments, indoors or out.    


**Sells dried flower bouquets.


#5: Plantshed

Bowery - Charming new location from Plantshed. Original location is on the UWS. Beautiful ceramics and delicious coffee complement all the greenery. 



**They offer workshops at sister locations. 


#6: Sachi Rose 

Why we swoon: Sachi creates arrangements that somehow capture both a soft and bold attitude. She is the florist for the Wing at all locations, creates magic for weddings, as well as takes single orders.


**Will create beautiful fake plant arrangements, perfect for those struggling to keep cacti alive. 


IG: @sachirosedesign


#7: Ruby Barber of Mary Lennox

Why we swoon: Incredible editorials; this Berlin based Australian design house is doing amazing, unusual things with flowers. 

** What instagram dreams are made of.



IG: @ruby_marylennox


#8: Lewis Miller 

Why we swoon: Lewis Miller creates large scale, loud, & often playful arrangements. The public's accessibility to many of his projects is making even those not typically interested in flowers aware of the Lewis Miller team.


**Creator of the Flower Flash



      IG: @lewismillerdesign


Where are your favorite plant shops? Who inspires your green thumb? Let us know in the comments section!

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Rebecca & Samantha

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